Protect API Gateway with Amazon Verified Permissions


serverless, aws

In this post we'll look at Amazon Verified Permissions (AVP) a serverless service for easy management and enforcement of application permissions, and how to use it to secure Amazon API gateway API together with Cognito User Pools.

Serverless statistics solution with Lambda@Edge


serverless, aws

AWS offers several great serverless services for data engineering and analytics. In this post I describe my serverless analytics setup for click stream analytics of a static webpage, using Amazon Glue, Athena, Managed Grafana for analytics. Data ingestion and storage with Lamba@Edge, StepFunctions and S3.

My Serverless Handbook - My serverless journey on AWS


serverless, aws

Introducing My Serverless Handbook. This will be the home to my serverless experience and learnings on AWS. It all started 2015 with the creation of my first Lambda function, now several years later, serverless solutions are still my passion. This is my story, this is my journey, this is my experience!

AWS StepFunctions HTTP Endpoint demystified


serverless, stepfunctions, aws

Calling an API from AWS StepFunctions has for a long time required us to write a Lambda function to handle that. With the release of HTTP EndPoint there is no need for that anymore. In this post I'll go over the functionality and show how to use it.

Serverless redirect with CloudFront Functions


serverless, cloudfront, functions

How do we efficiently redirect users from one site to an other? In this post we'll create a solution using serverless technologies to handle this redirect in an efficient way. We'll use AWS, CloudFront, and the new Function KeyValueStore.

Amazon Graviton Three Ways


serverless, graviton, cost savings

The Frugal Architect. Many workloads can utilize the effective Graviton (ARM) based CPU, Switching to Graviton is often an easy way to save on cost. Graviton delivers the best cost vs performance. This blog post will show the migration process for three different workloads.

Run a java service serverless with ECS and Fargate


serverless, java, ecs

How to run a Java based service on Amazon ECS using Fargate and Fargate Spot. Cover the foundation and the infrastructure and steps needed to run this workload.

Serverless and event-driven translation bot


serverless, ai, event-driven

Blog post how I created a serverless and event-driven translation service using AI services from AWS, like Amazon Translate and Amazon Polly. Step by step guide how to create this solution and integrate it with Slack for translations using a slash command.

Serverless cloud architecture patterns


serverless AWS

Talk about serverless and event-driven architectures and common architecture patterns, and how to implement these using services from AWS

Building a serverless AI powered translation service


serverless AWS AI

Talk about serverless and event-driven AI powered translation bot using AI services from AWS

Protecting a Static Website with JWT and Lambda@Edge


serverless, security

Post about how to use Amazon Cognito together with Lambda@Edge to add protection and authorization to static content hosted with Amazon S3 and CloudFront.

Event-Driven and serverless in world of IoT


serverless AWS

Talk about serverless and event-driven IoT systems running in AWS Cloud